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Jellyfish lake revisited


DSCN1357 DSCN1334

DSCN1274a DSCN1240

DSCN1227 Our second trip to the jellyfish lake had us there early and have the place to ourselves. We were richly rewarded with more jellyfish than the previous time and a quiet peaceful experience without hordes of chattering Chinese tourists.

Away from the jellyfish lake the snorkeling was nothing short of spectacular and in my final post from Palau I have indulged myself with a few more underwater pictures.

DSCN1610 DSCN1586

DSCN1547 DSCN1546

DSCN1529 DSCN1521

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Not just an underwater paradise

Anyone who has holidayed on Pacific Islands will appreciate what a rarity a day with crystal clear blue skies is. Our last day here is just that. We have rented a car to explore the main island complex of Palau. We hit the smooth Chinese built bitumen and quickly the congestion of the main city of Koror yields to empty roads and tropical lush green vegetation. The roads are bereft of traffic and the maximum speed limit of 50km/hr is inappropriately and painfully slow.

The drive to the stone monoliths at Babeldoab takes the better part of an hour. We are at the very northern tip of the islands and the view down to the 2000 year old stone carvings with the reef and ocean in the background makes us go weak at the knees.

2016 Palau_328

2016 Palau_303 2016 Palau_297

Lunch on the beach, dip in the cool clear waters beneath the Ngardmau waterfall and a wander around the nation’s Capitol buildings, the sleepy seat of government modelled on Washington DC’s Congress buildings completes our final day in this island paradise.

2016 Palau_346 2016 Palau_353


2016 Palau_357 Waterfall

2016 Palau_383 Capitol buildings