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Last stop before Mauritania this little coastal city is 6 hours drive from the capitol Laayoune up north and 5 hours drive from the border to the south. While the drive is fast and easy on nice roads one must be ever alert to unexpected stoppages such as camel crossings.

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The town of Boujdour is our lunch stop and it features a 400 year old Portuguese built lighthouse.

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Dakhla sits right on the coast and there is a pleasant and newly constructed promenade back from the sea wall. Most of the tourist hotels and restaurants straddle this road.

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An hour out of town a spectacular beach with a large sand dune sitting in the middle is popular with tourists and locals alike.

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We were promised hot springs African style. The sulphurous smelling water is comfortably warm but the experience is less salubrious than a western spa. At least it comes at no cost unlike going to hot springs back home.

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Finally we are taken to a dusty compound to see a somewhat bedraggled ostrich farm. While the actual setting was basic the birds looked well nourished and lively.

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Tomorrow its Mauritania. In all likelihood the posts will become less regular as the internet is pretty basic there. Nonetheless I will eventually get all the trip posted for your enjoyment!